Ohio State Football Jersey Grey (Rhinestone)


Gameday Paws is very proud to announce that we manufacture our gameday jerseys start to finish in the USA. We believe that our four- legged family members must have the same quality jerseys as their family members on gamedays to show their team spirit!!

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Dye sublimation printing works by heating a special type of solid ink. This is different from other printing techniques, such as inkjet and laser printing, which spray liquid ink onto a page or surface, staining it. Instead, dye sublimation printing heats up the solid ink, causing it to turn into gas vapors. These vapors make their way into the target surface, where they then turn back into solid form. Dye sublimation doesn’t rely on the traditional printing technique of laying down colors as individual dots, rather the dye technology creates a perfect gameday result that the image very lifelike and realistic to the human eye!!!

Return Policy:
Personalized items cannot be accepted for return, unless there is a manufacturing error or product defect.
All refunds and exchanges must be made within 15 days of receipt. Must submit a photo of the damage/defect for refund.

Send photo: support@gamedaypaws.com

All Gameday Paw customized  products and school logos will have an estimated 10-14 day delivery.

Shipping is free orders over $65


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